President Kang and Vice President Liu met with Mr. Theo Baartmans and Boskalis delegations


On 28 Nov, Mr. Kang Xuezeng (the president of CDC) and Mr. Liu Shudong (the Vice President of CDC) met with Mr. Theo Baartmans and the delegations of Boskalis, both parties had a formal meeting on the potential business cooperation opportunities. Mr. Cai Chuansheng, the vice president of CCCC Overseas Business Division, and Mr. Zhong Wenwei, the chairman of TDC, Mr. Zhang Rifu, the Vice GM of GDC, Mr. Yu Yanhua, the GM of Overseas Business Division of SDC, and other CDC International Business Division delegations attended the afternoon meeting. 

Mr. Kang expressed that CDC and Boskalis both are the group companies with more than a hundred year history. In the past decades, the two companies have numerous successful cooperative experiences on the dredging business. Under the current downturn economic situation and the shrinking dredging markets globally, both sides should strengthen the cooperation further and hold hands together to overcome the hardest times for dredging industry. 

Mr. Cai also expressed that CCCC would like to collaborate with Boskalis in the related business fields, and wished the two sides could have an in-depth exchange in all business fields for a long term.

Mr. Liu Shudong introduced the historic process and business fields of CCCC and CDC, and also mentioned that CDC has been putting more focuses from traditional dredging businesses into environmental protection investments services and maritime engineering services as the core business strategy. 

Theo Baartmans said that one of the aims of this time's visit of Boskalis delegations is to strengthen the collaboration between the two companies. In the recent downturn economic situation, he wished that the both sides could strengthen the exchange and communication, achieve complementary advantages in the international markets, enhance the competitive advantages, and make the companies continuously develop and grow up together.
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